With TAS-tms, Broutin Transports have optimised their

was only natural for the company to choose the TAS-tms solution from Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, following on from the Teleroute freight exchan...

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With TAS-tms, Broutin Transports have optimised their administrative tasks and saved one month’s cash flow Broutin Transports specialised in refrigerated transportation and in routes between the French regions Nord and Rhône-Alpes, took the decision in 2013 to move forward and to benefit from to the TAS-tms solution on top of the Teleroute freight exchange. After using it for a few months, the benefits spoke for themselves: the company saved one month’s cash flow, optimised and made reliable their administrative tasks and improved communication with drivers.

■■ THE CHALLENGE Les Transports Broutin wanted to move over from a management method based on paper to using electronic solutions for all aspects of their business. The objective was threefold: optimise administrative tasks, reduce invoicing timescales and improving communication with drivers by eliminating telephone calls.

■■ THE SOLUTION Having been pleased with the Teleroute freight exchange for many years, it was only natural for Broutin Transports to renew their confidence in Wolters Kluwer Transport Services by choosing their management software solution specifically aimed at transporters: TAS-tms. From automated management of orders to communication with drivers, TAS-tms is a smart, intuitive information system for the transporter, for every single aspect of its business.

■■ THE BENEFITS Der Wegfall wiederholter Dateneingaben und die Aufgabenautomatisierung durch TAS-tms sorgen für eine erhebliche Reduzierung des Verwaltungsaufwands bei gleichzeitig verbesserter Zuverlässigkeit der Daten. Die Rechnungsstellung erfolgt nunmehr Anfang des Folgemonats und somit gemäß verwaltungstechnischer Fristen und Anforderungen. Die schnelle Fakturierung sorgt ihrerseits für eine sofortige verbesserte Liquiditätslage. Darüber hinaus haben die Fahrer über ihr TomTom-Gerät jederzeit Zugriff auf Einsatzaufträge sowie zugehörige Anweisungen und GPS-Koordinaten.

Towards the end of 2013, Broutin Transports, who have 19 employees and generate a turnover of around 3 million Euros, were keen to modernise administration and planning in their business, and above all to optimise their invoicing procedure. It was only natural for the company to choose the TAS-tms solution from Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, following on from the Teleroute freight exchange, which they already use and with which they have been very happy for many years.

Cash flow improved by one month A piece of software designed for transporters with more than 10 trucks, TAS-tms optimises all aspects of their business: from managing orders to optimising a fleet of trucks and drivers, via planning the loading and unloading processes, deliveries, through to invoicing. TAS-tms interfaces with other solutions used by the group, including in particular the Teleroute freight exchange. This means that transporters can also publish freight offers in a matter of clicks to maximise their loads and reduce the instances of empty trucks. For this transporter based in the North of France, the project involved three stages: rolling out the solution, creating the database and training users. Broutin Transports have been using TAS-tms every day since May 2014. At the beginning of September, the August invoices were finalised, and cash flow has been improved by one month compared to the previous method used.

Optimised, reliable administrative tasks Jean-Charles Jarmuzek, Operations Manager at Broutin, explains to us: “As well as improving cash flow by one month, we have also enhanced our reliability in terms of regulations. During an administrative check, our old invoices in Excel were criticised by the agents, who now prefer those produced by TAS-tms, as they meet


“We will be using the potential of the TAS-tms solution even more in the future, including in the management of europallets. With the results it has given us in a few months, it has already basically paid for itself.” Jean-Charles Jarmuzek, Operations Manager at Broutin Transports

their expectations better.” Added to this is the fact that the time needed for data entry has been slashed to a third, and errors inherent to repetitive data processing have been removed. Now, Broutin only need to enter their information once using this solution to create a timetable, monitor turnover, send project orders and create invoices. On top of this, thanks to TAS-tms, all the documents connected to the journey are scanned into the file, which means they don’t have to print or photocopy lots of different documents to attach to the invoice.

Improved communication with drivers To further improve their business’s responsiveness and productivity, Broutin Transports also use TAS-tms to send project orders to their 19 drivers automatically to their Tom-Toms, as soon as the planning has been defined, along with instructions and coordinates for loading.

With TAS-tms, Broutin Transports have boosted their administrative efficiency, especially in terms of invoicing, by eliminating the need for repetitive data entry, which generates errors, and unnecessary telephone calls. Communication with drivers has been improved dramatically, as they have all the information they need on their Tom-Toms and can protect themselves against the dangerous and prohibited practice of using a telephone when driving.

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