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Amway Global Business Opportunity

“Dream big, dream small. It’s up to you. In this business you have the opportunity to control your own future.” Doug DeVos, Amway Global president

What does “opportunity” look like to you? What would the opportunity to own your own business mean for you? An opportunity to make more money, be your own boss, spend more time with your family, give back to your community, create a legacy for your children, or build something uniquely your own. Hundreds of thousands of men and women – just like you – have chosen the AMWAY GLOBAL™ business opportunity, and we have helped over 3 million people worldwide launch their dream. These Independent Business Owners (IBOs) were attracted to: • An opportunity that is blind to color, race, occupation, language, gender, age, and country of origin. • Unlimited potential. • A corporation with over 50 years of experience. • Amway Global’s premier compensation plan. • Ongoing education to help build stronger businesses. • Company recognition and rewards for performance. • Top-selling products featuring health, beauty, and home. Is this the right business opportunity for you? We hope that once you learn more about Amway Global and the business opportunity that is waiting for you, you’ll agree with millions of IBOs – owning your own AMWAY GLOBAL business is an opportunity worth pursuing.


A business opportunity for a better life The Amway Global story begins with two friends in West Michigan who wanted a better life for their families. Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos launched their business in the 1950s selling NUTRILITE® Dietary Supplements door to door. While Amway has grown into a global company, what Rich and Jay discovered in Ada, Michigan, over 50 years ago still remains true today – people and relationships are the core of this business.

The AMWAY GLOBAL™ business opportunity was founded on principles that are carved in stone in front of the World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan: Freedom, Family, Hope, and Reward. Amway Global will: • Support the fundamental freedom of people to determine their own future. • Allow the time and resources to protect and nurture family. • Offer hope to individuals. • Present the opportunity to receive reward in proportion to individual efforts.

These ethical and operational standards guide both the company and its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in all activities – past, present, and future.


Products from Amway Global Amway Global products offer a distinct advantage The beauty of your new business is that there are hundreds of products that you represent. Every product can help you to build a healthy retail business. And, you’ll be excited to have these products in your home to use and share with others. Your customers will feel like they’ve been given something special when they experience our exclusive, premier quality products that make up your new Amway Global™ business. We are so confident in the products we offer, that we back them with a 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee. (NOTE: Specific limited guarantees apply to designated products.) This Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to Partner Store purchases or IBO purchases for stock, inventory, or product kits.

Health A supplement innovator for over 75 years, Nutrilite is the expert in providing plant-based nutrition products. NUTRILITE® is the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements1, offering wellness-promoting and sports nutritional products. And, it is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms. Other top brands in the Health category include: XS® Energy Drinks, iCook® Cookware, eSpring® Water Purifier, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water®, and ATMOSPHERE® Air Purifier. 1


Based on 2008 retail sales.

Beauty ARTISTRY® has been among the world’s top five, largest-selling prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cosmetics for more than 10 years2. The ARTISTRY product portfolio is designed to meet every skin care need, from the basics of ARTISTRY essentials to the advanced anti-aging technology of TIME DEFIANCE® products. ARTISTRY products feature innovative ingredients and proven performance at competitive prices. Based on a Euromonitor study of global 1998–2007 retail sales. Others in this distinguished group include: Clinique®, Estée Lauder®, Lancôme®, and Shiseido®. 2


Products from Amway Global

Gifts & Incentives The Ribbon Gift & Incentive Program provides a large selection of Specialty and General Gift Collections, in a variety of price ranges to fit nearly any budget. Each Gift Collection is packed with impressive, name-brand items for virtually everybody and every occasion. Customers simply preview and select Gift Collections for friends and family. The recipient makes their gift choice, uses a Ribbon Gift Card to order online, and receives their selection with no cost to them. There are no shipping charges and gift cards never expire. Ribbon Gift Collections can also be sold to businesses to use as incentives for employees and customers.


Home In 1959, we launched Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.®). It was the first of its kind – a high-performing product that contained biodegradable cleaning ingredients without harm to the environment. Now, 50 years later, our dedication to creating cleaning products that work hard yet are easy on the environment remains unchanged. Our exclusive LEGACY OF CLEAN™ laundry and cleaning products are created to handle even the messiest jobs with natural, biodegradable cleaning ingredients like orange oil – never harsh chemicals or noxious fumes. Our legacy is built on a solid promise – one that proves itself each time you use these laundry and cleaning products. POSITIVELY CLEAN SINCE 1959™.


Amway Global will be partners in your success Core principles that are set in stone, 50 years in business, top-selling products, and 13,000 dedicated employees worldwide to provide service and support; that is what you can count on when you start your AMWAY GLOBAL™ business. You can also count on the following standards that guide this business opportunity:

1. Everybody can become an Amway Global Independent Business Owner (IBO). 2. IBOs renew their commitment to remain in the business each year. 3. This is an affordable business; no one needs to go into debt to fund their AMWAY GLOBAL business. 4. The Amway Global IBO Compensation Plan puts money in the pockets of the people who do the work. 5. Your independent business has the ability to be passed on to heirs. 6. This can be an international business. 7. It’s not too late to get in the business. Someone starting today has the same opportunity as someone who started over 50 years ago. 8. Amway Global has a business model for helping people succeed.

These ethical and operational standards guide both the company and its Independent Business Owners in all activities – past, present, and future.


Opportunity unlimited – on your terms Becoming an Independent Business Owner When you register as an Amway Global Independent Business Owner (IBO), you’re creating a business that can grow based on the time and effort you invest. Although you’ll be independent, you’ll never be alone. Every day 12,000 new IBOs are added to the Amway Global family worldwide. Each IBO has the support and experience of 13,000 Amway employees worldwide. Amway offers IBOs unmatched commitment and experience to help support their successful independent businesses.

Making money by selling PRODUCTS and sponsoring others who do the same Very simply, you can make money by experiencing the products, selling them to customers, and helping new IBOs you sponsor to sell products and build their businesses. For some people you know, products offered by Amway Global will fill their needs, and you can earn retail profit as well as additional potential income through monthly bonuses for these sales. For others, the AMWAY GLOBAL™ business opportunity will appeal to them, and when you sponsor them, you can be rewarded for the business volume they generate. The AMWAY GLOBAL opportunity is unlimited, but individual results vary. The average monthly gross income of active* IBOs was $115 (U.S.) and $181 (Canada) based on the most recent independent survey. Some earn less, while others earn much more. *Approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be “active.” An “active” IBO is one who attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting during the survey year. “Gross income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

A business plan you can trust Since 1959, Amway has been paying monthly Performance Bonuses to qualified Independent Business Owners based on their business performance. Month after month. Year after year. No exceptions. No excuses.


Support every step of the way You’ll be supported with resources on all levels. Here are just some of the ways you’ll be assisted: • Customer Care: Our associates can help you find answers to the questions you might have regarding any area of your business. • Business Management: provides a Business Center that offers vast resources to help you manage your business, check customer volume, order products, and renew your business. • Order Management: You sell the products, and we’ll process the order, manage your customer accounts, and handle shipping details. • Marketing: Amway Global supports your business with professional and innovative marketing materials including: catalogs, brochures, DVDs, and free personal retail websites. We are always researching and creating new materials to accommodate the changing marketplace and technology. We are committed to building awareness of Amway Global™ products and brands with national advertising, promotions, and event sponsorship. • Training: Whether you want to learn about products, how to find and approach customers, or how to manage your business, training and education is available to all Independent Business Owners (IBOs). You can find a wide variety of free courses online through The Learning Center at Classroom instruction is available. And, of course, you’ll have the support and guidance of your upline.


Business Support Materials In the AMWAY GLOBAL™ business, IBOs are responsible for training and motivating people they sponsor. Some IBOs use and sell Business Support Materials (BSM) created independently of Amway Global. These may include DVDs, CDs, books, websites, seminars, and business conventions. Some IBOs earn income from the sale of these materials apart from earnings under the Amway Global IBO Compensation Plan. Amway Global makes no money from the purchase of BSM from IBOs or third parties. All BSM are completely optional. And whether or not you decide to purchase these materials, your sponsoring IBO is obligated to provide you with training and support. Your own good judgment should guide you in deciding what is best for you, considering among other things the cost, benefit, and time commitment associated with the purchase and use of BSM.

Creating new opportunities for others Amway provides support to millions of children around the world through the One by One Campaign for Children™. This effort is supported by employee and Independent Business Owners’ (IBO) volunteer hours and has shared tens of millions of dollars worldwide. In North America, Amway Global employees and IBOs unite to support Easter Seals, which provides services to help children with disabilities achieve greater independence. 11

Your opportunity is here Is AMWAY GLOBAL™ the right opportunity for you? You’ve had a chance to hear from a friend, business associate, or family member how this business opportunity has the potential to fulfill dreams. You’ve read through this brochure and learned more about who and what will be supporting your business opportunity efforts. And, if you need to learn more, you can check out a wealth of information online – So the question again – Is AMWAY GLOBAL the right opportunity for you?

If you answer any of these questions with a yes, we hope you consider becoming an Amway Global Independent Business Owner: • Do you want to own your own business? • Do you want some extra monthly income? • Do you want more quality time with your family? • Do you like helping people find products and opportunities to make their life better or easier? Perhaps today is not the right time for a change. That’s OK. Keep the brochure, check out the website, talk with the person who gave you this brochure, and review it all again in a little while. In the meantime, you can still purchase Amway Global products as a customer. If you’re ready to become an Independent Business Owner, contact the person who gave you this brochure, and they will help you register your business. We look forward to welcoming you to the business opportunity that offers you the potential to achieve what you can dream.

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