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Title: Have Has Go Goes Exercises Author: Rob Woodward Subject: Exercises to practice Have, Has, Go and Goes in English Keywords: English; Grammar; Wo...

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Have – Has - Go - Goes www.grammar.cl A) Complete the following table with the correct forms of Have and Go. Pronoun

To Have




To Go Go

We They She He It B) Fill the gaps with the correct form of Have or Go. 1. Elephants ____________ four legs. 2. Children ____________ to school during the week. 3. A millionaire ____________ a lot of money. 4. He ____________ to English class three times a week. 5. Can I ____________ another cup of coffee please? 6. My husband ____________ very fast in his car. 7. Do you ____________ a pen I can borrow? 8. I can’t wait until I ____________ on holiday! 9. My brother ____________ two dogs and a cat! 10. Do you want to ____________ to the beach? C) Fill in the gaps with the correct form of Have and Go in the negative. 1. I ____________________ any friends. 2. She ____________________ to her aerobics class on Tuesdays. 3. Your son ____________________ a new bike. 4. We ____________________ classes tomorrow! 5. The moon ____________________ any oxygen. D) Make questions using the correct form of Have or Go. 1. Your friend / motorbike _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Dogs / wings _________________________________________________________________________ 3. Father / Church _________________________________________________________________________ 4. You / movies _________________________________________________________________________ Photocopiable © 2011 Rob Woodward – www.grammar.cl - Classroom and Personal Use Permitted