Student Handbook 2016 - Greenwich Academy

Girls are expected to wear white, cross-training or court sneakers with minimal trim for every PE class. Running shoes or Merrells for PE are not allo...

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In addition, a learning specialist is available to work with parents/guardians, teachers and students and to recommend off-campus support and diagnostic professionals. Standardized testing results for Groups II, III and IV may be discussed with the learning specialist. The learning specialist also oversees the Lower School tutoring program on campus and ensures that regular communication occurs between tutor and parents. Parents/guardians receive regular updates from all support teachers. RULES AND CONDUCT Please see MUTUAL RESPECT and NON-HARASSMENT POLICIES in GENERAL SCHOOL POLICIES. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Group IV students act as positive role models for the younger students and lead regular Lower School assemblies. Group IV students also participate in a weekly leadership program and participate in variety of Student Government committees. TUTORING Please see GENERAL SCHOOL POLICIES for further information. UNIFORM It is expected that all students adhere to the Lower School uniform guidelines, including dance and physical education requirements. Parents/guardians are asked to label all items of clothing, including shoes, with the student’s full name (no initials, please). When a “Civvies Day” is awarded to Lower School students, neat and appropriate dress is expected. Specific requirements for “appropriate dress” are sent home prior to any civvies day. Parents/guardians are expected to monitor and approve their daughter’s clothing choices and to fully support the school.

Lower School Uniform Requirements Academic Uniform Mills Uniforms, Inc. (Tel: 800.541.1850). School Code: 7731. For all students, PC through Group IV, most items are supplied by Mills Uniforms. Jumper: Tops:

Designated style, year-round (appropriate length just below knees, not longer than mid-calf). Any white, collared blouse, white shirt or white turtleneck (no color trim, no design). A white long-sleeved GA shirt is


required for formal occasions (concerts, all-school assemblies, etc.). Socks: Hunter green or white knee socks or short socks, over-theankle with fold-over cuffs. No golf or tennis socks. No socks with any trim or accessories. Leggings: Hunter green, footless, ankle length (from Mills Uniforms or Beam and Barre, 241 E. Putnam Avenue) to be worn with short white socks Sweat pants: Green or gray sweat pants are to be worn only for PE. NO CUT-OFF SWEAT PANTS. Shoes or It is preferred that Group I-IV girls wear PLAIN, ALL-WHITE Sneakers (no trim) ATHLETIC SHOES. Otherwise, BEIGE, BLACK OR NAVY BLUE rubber-soled, Merrell-type shoes are also permitted. All-white athletic shoes are available at Shoes ‘N More, 251 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich; Little Eric, 15 East Elm Street, Greenwich; or at No sneakers with flashing lights. White shoelaces only. PC and CC girls should wear white sneakers with Velcro fasteners. Merrell-type shoes are not allowed in PC/CC. Velcro white sneakers can also be found at the stores listed above and online at Winter boots may be worn as weather dictates, but white sneakers or Merrells (Groups I-IV) are still expected to be worn throughout the school day in the classroom. Sweaters: Hunter green, yellow, navy or white cardigan or sweater. Fleece Jackets:Navy blue GA fleece jackets for PC-IV available at the GA School Store. Green GA fleece jacket also allowed should your daughter already own one. NO nail polish, NO make-up, NO jewelry except religious medals, quiet watches and stud-pierced earrings. ALL hair should be neatly pulled back with barrettes or a hair band. Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or in braids. Physical Education and Dance Clothing Girls are expected to wear white, cross-training or court sneakers with minimal trim for every PE class. Running shoes or Merrells for PE are not allowed, as neither has proper lateral support. Physical Education PC/CC Shorts: Hunter green shorts (Mills Uniforms or GA School Store). Shoes: Sneakers with Velcro fasteners. Groups I-IV Shorts:

Hunter green from Mills Uniforms or GA School Store.



Hunter green GA sweatshirt from Mills Uniforms or gray sweatshirt from GA School Store. Sweat pants: Hunter green or gray from Mills Uniforms or GA School Store. Shoes: White cross-training or court sneakers, minimal trim. Mouth guards/ Shin guards: Junior-sized mouth guards are required for Groups III and IV only. Both are available from the GA School Store or at any sporting goods store. Eyewear: Protective eyewear is required for lacrosse and field hockey and will be provided by the school.

Dance PC–Group I: Green shorts or green leggings with white GA shirt (long- or short-sleeved). No special footwear. Groups II–IV : Black jazz pants with white GA shirt (long- or short-sleeved). Gently used jazz pants are available at the Clothing Nook in the Wallace Performing Arts center. No special footwear is needed.