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Clerical Staff 7200 400 8400 500 ... House Rent Payable to Award Staff on Transfer out of Centre on receipt Basis Circular- CDO/P & HRD ... Car Loan (...

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SALARY Clerical Staff 7200 400

8400 500


9900 600


17200 1300 18500 800 1

4 19300

12300 700 7 (20 years)


Subordinate Staff 5850 200

6650 250



7900 300


400 3



9100 350 3

(20 Years)

The clerical staff and subordinate staff on reaching the maximum in their respective scales of pay, shall draw seven stagnation increments at the rate of Rs.800/- and Rs.400/- at frequencies of 3 years and 2 years respectively. 7th stagnation increment will be released for clerical staff - 2 years after receiving 6th stagnation increment.

House Rent Allowance Places with population of more than 45 lacs 10%

12 lacs and above


5 lakhs and above, state capitals / U.T 7.5%

population below 5 lakhs


Transport Allowance All employees including those on probation and drawing scale wages shall be paid transport allowance as under : Upto 15 years of servicePro rata @ Rs.225/- per month Above 15 years of servicePro rata @ Rs.275/- per month

Dearness Allowance Dearness Allowance shall be paid for every rise of fall of 4 points over 2836 points in the quarterly average of the All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index (General) Base 1960=100.DA shall be calculated and paid on Basic Pay, Special Pay, Graduation Pay, Professional Qualification Pay and Officiating Pay, if any .

MEDICAL AID Medical Aid Scheme shall be restricted to an amount of Rs 2000/- p. a Definition of ‘Family’: a. For the purpose of medical facilities and for the purpose of leave fare concession, the expression family of an employee shall mean the employee’s spouse, wholly dependent unmarried children (including step children and legally adopted children), wholly dependent physically challenged brother/sister with 40% or more disability, as also parents ordinarily residing with and wholly dependant on the employee. b. The term wholly dependent child/parent, physically challenged brother/sister shall mean such member of the family having a monthly income not exceeding Rs.3500/p. m. If the income of one of the parents exceeds Rs. 3500/- p.m. or the aggregate income of both the parents exceeds Rs. 3500/- p.m., both the parents shall not be considered as wholly dependent on the employee. c. A married female employee may include her natural parents or parents -in –law under the definition of family - but not both – provided that the parents or parents in –law are ordinarily residing with and dependent on her. Circular Reference - CirDo P & HRD / 14 / 10-11 dated 27.07.2011

Leave Fare Concession (One Way) Category Sub Staff Clerical Staff

2 Yr(Kms) 2500 2000

4 Yr(Kms) 5000 4000

Eligibilty AC III tier AC II tier

Compensation on Transfer An employee on transfer shall be paid the cost actually incurred for transporting his/her personal effects, as under: By Train: Non-Sub staff Sub Staff a. For married persons b. For unmarried persons

3000Kg 2000Kg

2000Kg 1150Kg

By road: If the places are not connected by rail/out agency, actual expenses will be reimbursed for transporting the personal effects by road up to the stipulated weights by an IBA approved Transport Operator. Compensation for losses due to breakage or damage to goods on Transfer With receipt of damage/Loss (Rs) With out receipt (Rs) Clerical Staff 1120/745/Sub Staff 745/560/-

House Rent Payable to Award Staff on Transfer out of Centre on receipt Basis Circular- CDO/P & HRD – IR/101/2011-12 dt 18/02/2012 Clerical – Rs. 1000/- pm Sub staff – Rs 600/- pm


[A] Places with Population of 12 lacs and above

[B] Places with Population 5 lacs and above/ State Capitals


Other Places

Clerical Staff

Rs.500/-per diem

Rs.375/-per diem

Rs.300/-per diem


Rs.375/-per diem

Rs.250/-per diem

Rs.185/-per diem

Rs.100/-per month

Washing Allowance: Cycle Allowance


Split Duty Allowance:

Rs.75/-per month Rs.200/-per month



Posts carrying Special Pay (Ranking for DA, HRA and Superannuation benefits)

Amount of Special Pay payable from 01.05.2010

A. Positions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Senior Special Assistant Special Assistant/Officiating Pay (Relief Officer) Special Stenographer Senior Assistant Head Pharmacist Senior Stenographer/Senior Draughtsman Special Record Keeper cum Cashier Stenographer/ Senior Pharmacist Encoder Machine operator Agricultural Assistant Telephone Operator Pharmacist/Nurse Senior Record Keeper cum Cashier All the existing clerical staff who are not drawing any special pay as on 30.04.2010

2430 2430 1740 1470 1380 1060 800 800




S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Posts carrying Special pay (Ranking for DA, HRA and Superannuation benefits A. Positions Senior Head Messenger Senior Head Armed Guard (with effect from 01.04.2012) Head Armed Guard Officiating Pay (Record Keeper/Godown Keeper/Cashier/bill Collector Head Messenger/Head Cook Senior Cook/Senior Bearer/senior Liftman/Armed guard/Pump attendant/Telephone Lineman/wardboy Liftman/Plumber/Cook/Machine Man

Amount of Special Pay 1480 1600 750 750 580 380 50



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Category of Employees

Senior Special Assistant(working as cash-in charge) Senior Special Assistant (others) Special Assistant/equivalent special category of clerical staff Senior Assistant/equivalent special category of clerical staff Assistants Senior Head Messenger Head Messenger Messenger

Reimbursement p.m Those maintaining 2 wheeler / 4 wheelers 35

of Petrol Quantity

Reimbursement of Entertainment expenses p.m (amount in Rs.)

Special Allowance (p.m)




35 30








15 12 10 8


Nil Nil Nil Nil

Nil Nil Nil Nil

Not maintaining vehicles (amount in Rs.)

Provision of Brief case Circular no: CDO/P&HRD-IR/5/2011-12 dated 08.04.2011: Rs.1000/- once in 3years. To Senior Special Assistants, special assistants who are working as cash-incharge, Special Assistants working as in-charge of Safe deposit Lockers, Special Assistants working as ATM-in-charge and members of marketing and outbound sales force etc Silver Jubilee Award Circular No- CDO/P&HRD-CM/92/2010-44 dt 18.03.2011 Completion of 25th year Clerical Staff : Rs.7500/- (w.e.f. 16.03.2011) Subordinate Staff :Rs.7500/- (w.e.f. 16.03.2011) Presentation of memento on Retirement Circular No: CDO/P&HRD-CM/91/2010-11 dt 18.03.2011 Subordinate Staff : Rs.2500/Clerical Staff :Rs.3750/-

LOANS & ADVANCES Eligibility Festival Advance Computer Loan 2 Wheeler Loan Car Loan (Clerical) Housing Loan (Clerical) Housing Loan (sub staff) 2 wheeler (comm.) Personal Loan (Clerical)

Personal Loan (Substaff)

Personal Loan (both)



Margin Repayment (Installments) Nil 10

Confirmation Gross salary


2 yrs


3 yrs


5% Nil simple 7% simple 10%

84 (70+14)

5 yrs

Rs.4.5 lacs

7% simple 10%


5 yrs

Rs.12 lacs


5 yrs

Rs.8 lacs

6% 10% simple 6% simple 10%

36 to 60


Confirmation Rs.60,000/3 to 5 Yrs Rs.70,000/8% OD 5 to 10 Yrs Rs.2,00,000/- 8% Demand Above 10 yrs Rs.4,00,000/- (Simple Loan 84 Int for months DL) 3 to 5 Yrs Rs.40,000/8% OD 5 to 10 Yrs Rs.1,20,000/- 8% Demand Above 10 yrs Rs.2,40,000/- (Simple Loan 84 Int for months DL) Loan can be availed as Demand Loan-not more than half of eligibility amount.

GRATUITY CIR No:CDO/P & HRD-PM/27/2010-11 Increase of ceiling- 3.50 lacs to 10.00 lacs –effect date 24.05.2010 SBI STUDENT LOAN/SCHOLAR LOAN Cir No:CDO/P & HRD-IR/20/2009-10 Upto 4.00 lacs- Margin- NIL More 4.00 lacs- Margin-5% Repayment Period- 10 years after moratorium Interest Rate- Boys-8% Girls-7.5% w.e.f 01.07.2009 HOUSING LOAN ON PUBLIC RATE Cir No:CDO/P & HRD-IR/30/2012-13 Base Rate10.00% Limit up to 30 lacs10.00% Above 30 lacs10.15% Rate will increase/decrease according to base rate change Margin 10%

GROUP INSURANCE Cir No:CDO/P&HRD-IR/63/06-07 dt 07/02/2007 1) Rs.200000/2) Claim should be within 3 months 3) Pf nominee is eligible to claim PENSION 50% of the average Pay of last 12 months X Service 30 Eligibility Minimum Service 10 YRS Resignation 20 YRS Commutation Not exceeding 1/3 of pension GRATUITY Last drawn Pay X Service X 15 26 OVERTIME PAYMENT Week Days (After Business Hrs)

First 1 Hr Next ½ Hr Remaining First 1 Hr Remaining

Saturdays (After lunch recess) Sundays & Holidays

150% of hourly gross salary 170% 200% 150% 200% 200%

LEAVE Casual Leave Privilege Leave

Sick Leave

Maternity Leave

1 day for each completed month 1 day for each 11 days of service, maximum can be accumulated to 240 days. Can be encashed along with LFC (1 month once in 4 yrs; 15 days once in 2 yrs) Maximum 18 months on half pay.9months on full pay. One month for one year of service. After attaining 23 yrs of service additional 3 months on half pay. 12 months in the entire service. Maximum 6 months at a time.

EX-GRATIA Cir:CDO/P &HRD-PM/6/2012-13 dt 17.04.2012

Clerical Subordinate

Amount of ex-gratia 9.00 lacs 8.00 lacs

Min amount 4.5 lacs 4.0 lacs